Tree Removal

While unfortunate, tree removal may sometimes be necessary to protect your property, or even to save other trees.

Hercules Tree Service can help you make an informed decision as you decide whether a tree can be saved, or needs to be removed.

Sometimes a tree is dead, and the need for removal is rather obvious.  Other times, it may not be as clear.

Regardless of your situation, Hercules Tree Service can help you analyze and inspect your trees before you decide to proceed with removal.

Possible scenarios necessitating tree removal might be when a tree is hazardous, is crowding out other trees because it was planted or is growing too closely, or even to replace it with a different type of tree.

While tree removal can be an involved and challenging process, our team has the experience and equipment necessary to complete even the most difficult jobs.

After removal, all branches, leaves and debris will be cleared, and your property will be left safe and clean. We also offer stump grinding services following tree removal.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss a potential tree removal project, please call 510.799.8733 or contact us today. 

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